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Simply having a website isn’t enough to guarantee you will find new leads and customers online. Instead, you need a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy that uses modern techniques and best practices.

This was the situation with All West Driving Academy, a company that offers driving lessons for people of all abilities, primarily in West Auckland. Its clients include beginners up to experienced drivers looking to improve their skills behind the wheel.


Increase in goal completions


increase in goal conversion rate


Decrease in bounce rate

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All West Driving Academy Case Study

All West Driving Academy had a well-established website, but it wasn’t generating enough conversions every month. For this company, a conversion counted as a visitor to the website making an enquiry by completing a contact form or clicking on a link to make a phone call.

All West Driving Academy’s website was generating roughly two of these types of conversion every month.  This simply wasn’t enough to sustain the business – not in a way that the owner-operator wanted.

When the owner contacted us at Business Website Group, we drilled deeper into his website and SEO strategy to identify why the number of conversions was so low.

The main issues centred on the design of the website, as it had become outdated. Also, the old website was not optimised to maximise conversions.

In addition, it was very poorly optimised for SEO.


The owner of All West Driving Academy had a straightforward objective: he wanted his website to generate enough enquiries each month so he could start working in the business full-time and earn a healthy income.

At Business Website Group, we have the skills, processes, and capabilities to deliver on this objective, so All West Driving Academy hired us.

What We Did

New Website

We started by building a new website for All West Driving Academy, ensuring it was modern, fast-loading, and easy to use. We also made sure it was responsive and looked fantastic on all devices.

Crucially, the new website provided the right platform for other elements of the strategy we were implementing.

Conversion Optimisation

At Business Website Group, we don’t believe in building shiny new websites that contribute nothing to our clients’ bottom lines. Therefore, conversion rate optimisation is central to our website development process.

For all West Driving Academy, we ensured there was a structured flow for website visitors that would result in a conversion, i.e., an enquiry about booking a driving lesson.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

It is also important that websites are visited by the right people. For All West Driving Academy, this means people who are actively looking to book driving lessons.

One of the best sources of this targeted traffic is Google, so we fully optimised the All West Driving Academy website for the most important keywords.

The Results

Terminology like skyrocketed is often used very loosely, but in this case, it is a term that fits as conversions on the All West Driving Academy website skyrocketed.

The figures speak for themselves: in August 2020, the website generated two conversions. This jumped to 37 in September 2020. That is an increase of 1,850%!

There were other benefits, too, including:

  • Rankings in Google improved for the most relevant keywords
  • Traffic to the website increased as a result of the improved position in Google
  • The website’s bounce rate improved, indicating a better user experience

The conversion rate also significantly improved. In other words, not only were more people visiting the website, but a higher percentage of those visitors were making an enquiry about booking a lesson.

As a result, the owner-operator of All West Driving Academy was able to achieve his objective of working in the business full-time. This West Auckland driving school is now on a growth trajectory, powered by its new website and SEO campaign.



Increase in
goal completions


increase in
goal conversion rate


Decrease in
bounce rate

Thank you to Richard and his great team…

Thank you to Richard and his great team at Business Website Group.

Very pleased with all that you have done for us at AW Driving Academy. Fantastic support.

Ian McGregor
All West Driving Academy